Jason Benefield


Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Jason's journey began the first time he picked up a guitar as a child. Shortly thereafter, he delved into songwriting, discovering a passion for telling stories and giving voice to his experiences and emotions.

Jason's music is a rich tapestry woven from a diverse array of influences, reflecting the melting pot of sounds that is Chicago. Drawing inspiration from folk, Americana, classic rock, southern rock, outlaw country, classic country, blues, gospel, and more, his songs are a testament to the depth and breadth of his musical upbringing.

For over 25 years, Jason has been a familiar face on the Midwest music scene, leaving his mark as both a solo artist and in collaboration. His live performances reverberate with honesty and vulnerability, captivating audiences throughout the region.

In a transcendent partnership with singer/songwriter Colleen Wild, a long-time friend, collaborator, and kindred spirit, Echo and Ransom was formed in 2017. Together, the acoustic duo weaves enchanting harmonies that bare the soul of their shared musical journey.

Beyond his solo endeavors and the synergistic force of Echo and Ransom, Jason lends his experience and multi-instrumentalism to a variety of projects, both on-stage and in-studio, including performing regularly with the Chicago-based folk-rock band Matt Derda & the High Watts.

As a seasoned musician with a quarter-century of experience, Jason continues to evolve, creating music that connects with listeners and resonates with a profound love and respect for the craft. Whether he's flying solo, harmonizing with Echo and Ransom, or adding his unique touch to a collective musical vision, Jason's dedication to his art shines through, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape of the Midwest.

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